Even if your relationship didn’t work out, you can still give your child the best of both worlds. Small Victories Counseling offers co-parenting advice in Prosper and Addison, Texas. Learning how to work together can be challenging. We’ll talk you through your issues to help you both become amazing parents.

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We’ll help you figure out where to start

You can be overwhelmed by the number of decisions you need to make for your child. A counselor from Small Victories Counseling will work with you and your ex to help you take the first steps. Outside of our sessions, we recommend:

  • Creating a plan and sticking to it
  • Remaining open and flexible
  • Respecting each other
  • Communicating as often as needed
  • Putting your child first

Do what’s best for your child. Contact us today to schedule a co-parenting session in Addison or Prosper, Texas.