Chevonda is an incredible source of strength and reflection for me. She listens, asks questions, helps me make discoveries on my own, and gives me tools to cope and create healthy habits. I started seeing Chevonda 5 years ago in Addison. She's moved a few times; I've followed her, driven way far to see her, because I value her incredible talent. My husband even sees her now, every month for over a year, with no end in sight. If you're looking for a therapist who feels more like a healthier extension of yourself, who tells you the common sense things that you were to oblivious to recognize, who helps you be the best you you can be, then look no further than Chevonda Allen.

Laureli K

Chevonda is a great listener! She is kind and compassionate, and offers actual help. She challenges you and makes you think.. I am very glad to be seeing her!

Alicia W

Chevonda is an excellent counselor! She listens, encourages, challenges and provides practical ways to implement the changes you want to make. She helps you discover that actions originate from your beliefs and thoughts concerning what's true about yourself, your relationships and your environment. Understanding these beliefs and thoughts opens the door for me to question or substantiate these things, and is the beginning of change for me. Thanks Chevonda!

Sherman S

Chevonda is wonderful!