When you sign up for couples counseling at Small Victories Counseling, you and your partner take a big step in the right direction. Counseling can help you understand each other’s perspectives and ease the tension in your relationship. We’ll help you open up lines of communication so you can work together to rebuild and strengthen your bond.

Your counselor works as a neutral third party. It gets tiring for you and your partner to keep rehashing the same old arguments. With a third person there, you might feel more comfortable opening up and explaining what problems you’ve been experiencing.

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Pre-marital counseling

Planning for a wedding and your marriage? Its proven that there is nearly a 30% decline in the likelihood of divorce after pre-martial counseling. The licensed marriage counselors at Small Victories Counseling can help you prepare for a lifetime with you and your partner. Call us or click on our request an appointment button to schedule your pre-marital counseling appointment so we can help you build a solid foundation for your future together.

Solve arguments that you keep coming back to

Often, smaller fights indicate larger tensions beneath the surface of your relationship. We’ll walk through your typical arguments and figure out what might be causing them. Common arguments that couples have involve:

Housework duties
Physical intimacy
Family obligations
Caring for children

We’ll help you put an end to your fighting and help you find common ground when you come to couples counseling in Prosper, TX.